man checking attic

You may get your roof inspected after a storm, but how much thought do you give your roof and attic ventilation daily? Proper ventilation at the top of your house can determine the overall indoor temperature, so you should make sure your ventilation is in good working order. Here are some other reasons why you should have your roof and attic ventilation inspected.

Moisture and Condensation

If moisture gets into your insulation or between roofing layers, you could have a big mess on your hands. Your attic ventilation is an important part of reducing moisture because it allows air to circulate under your roof. It keeps condensation from puddling or freezing, which leads to ice dams.

Rising Temperatures

In addition to reducing moisture, roof and attic ventilation can regulate the air temperature in your attic space. Reducing the heat under your roof can keep the layers in better shape and protect any of the personal items you have stored in your attic.

In the Eye of the Beholder

How would you know if you had a problem with your roof and attic ventilation? Without visual inspection, any ventilation problems could go undetected and cause damage that could lead to costly repairs.

You could extend the life of your roof and even lower your energy expenses when you have your roof and attic ventilation inspected. If you would like to learn more about ventilation systems, contact Armstrong Enterprises Inc. today.