When you have an issue that needs to be addressed on your roof, it is a smart idea to call in a licensed roofing contractor to handle the issue for you. A licensed roofing contractor knows how to identify issues with your roof and how to properly fix your roof in a safe manner.
When searching for a roofing contractor to assist you with your roof, it is up to you to screen the contractor to ensure that they are licensed and qualified to do the work you want them to perform.

#1 Contractor's License

When you hire someone to build, alter or repair your home in any way, the state of Michigan requires them to hold a residential builder's license. This is different than a business license. A business license allows an individual to run a business in a particular county and is issued by the county where the business is located.
A residential builder's license is issued by the state of Michigan. All contractors that do work in excess of $600 are required to be licensed by the state of Michigan.
The first thing you should ask for when speaking with a contractor is their contractor's license number. If a contractor is licensed, they should have a small business card with them at all times that has their contractor's license number on it.
You can verify their contractor's license number online through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs. You can search and verify their license via their license number and by the name associated with their license.
You can also call the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Professional Licensing to verify a contractor's license or the Builders Licensing Unit.
If you want more information about a contractor's license, you can request a detailed license report from the state of Michigan for a small fee. You can also request a written license status report from the state of Michigan that verifies the current status of a contractor's license for a small fee.

#2 Insurance Verification

After you verify that the contractor is licensed, you need to ask for their insurance information. Any licensed contractor should be able to provide you with a copy of both their workman's compensation insurance as well as their liability insurance.
You should only work with a contractor that can provide you with up-to-date and valid copies of both their workman's compensation insurance and their liability insurance. Check the insurance for the company's full name, address and contact information. Verify the date that the insurance is valid through.
Their insurance information should also include the phone number of the company issuing their insurance policies. You should be able to call this number and quickly verify for yourself that their insurance policies are valid and up to date.
If a worker is injured while fixing your roof, the roofing company's workman's compensation insurance will cover the cost associated with their injury. If the roofing company doesn't carry workman's compensation insurance, you will be personally responsible for their injuries and associated costs.
Liability insurance protects the rest of your property. If for some reason the roofing company were to cause damage to your home while replacing your roof, their liability insurance would cover the repair costs. For example, if something fell off the roof and damaged a window, their liability insurance would cover the repair costs.
Before hiring a roofing contractor in Michigan, make sure they have a contractor's license from the state of Michigan and not just a business license. Also, ask to see and verify their workman's compensation and liability insurance. The team at Armstrong Enterprises Inc. are licensed Michigan contractors who can assist you with your roofing needs.